How To Post Ads For Your Business on Facebook, Google, and Instagram

As a business owner, you'd experience slow growth if you have few customers and little sales volume. For some businesses, word of mouth can draw in customers, and for others, they may need to pull in more strings, such as opting for paid ads to generate more sales. It can be challenging to explore the possible online platforms to post ads for your business. 

Regardless of this challenge, allocating revenue for online ads is an effective strategy. Studies have revealed that website traffic generated through paid advertisement is likely to generate more sales than traffic from an organic link; this is likely because most ads are targeted at the audience most interested in your product. 

At, we can offer you a powerful and top-class marketing solution to automate all your online campaigns, create a video for ads on Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, and more. Using our services eliminates the need for you to have a Google, Instagram, or Facebook account. Our trusted experts will use our effective marketing solutions and social media accounts to help post your ads and promote your business on your social media platforms of choice. Above all, our team will monitor your ad campaigns accordingly, report the results to you, and recommend areas that you can focus on.

If you prefer to do it yourself, here is how you can post ads for your business on Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

How to Post ads on Facebook

Setting up a paid Facebook can be confusing as you'd need to examine lots of factors such as the right type of ad to run, the right audience to target, etc. Facebook offers opportunities for business owners to enhance their organic efforts; however, even with the time and money invested, there is only little room for oversight. The several paid ads and placements options can be broadly categorized into three aspects: Campaign, which unifies all your assets; Ad Set, which is used to classify the distinct audience characteristics; and Ads, which are usually live within the ad set.

Creating Facebook Ads

Here are steps to creating your Facebook ads:

Open an account with Facebook Ads Manager.

The Facebook Ad Manager provides a dashboard where you can see a summary of your campaign. You'll be able to filter through the ads and view performance on frequency, reach and cost. Use the following steps to create one.

Note that you can't run ads with a personal page; hence you'll need to set up a Facebook Business Page to use Facebook Ads Manager.

Create the Ad Through Facebook Ads Manager

Your dashboard will typically be empty if you haven't created an ad; you start seeing your campaigns, ads, and performance after you've set up the ad for your Facebook page. You can create an ad from Facebook as a manager by choosing the type of ad you want and clicking "create." 

Select an Objective

You'll need to choose an objective to get started. Facebook provides 11 objectives for you to choose from, which include Engagement, brand awareness, website traffic, app installs, reach, lead generation,  conversions, messages, video views, catalog sales, and store traffic. If you use automation software, ensure you create a unique tracking link with UTM parameters so you can track your website traffic and conversions. After choosing your objective, Facebook will display the ad that suits the objective. 

Choose your Target Audience

For a campaign, you can choose an audience for each ad set in the campaign. If you're just starting or not familiar with Facebook paid Ads, you need to try different options to get the most suitable audience.

Create a Budget

You can create a daily or lifetime budget depending on the one most suitable for you. The daily budget involves running the ad set throughout the day, while the Lifetime budget involves running it for a specific period of time. You can further specify the budget in terms of schedule, bids, and delivery.

Create the Ad

You can create your ad in a link format(single image) or a carousel format(multi-image). Note that you'll need to fulfill certain design requirements for every ad type you create. For instance, here are the criteria for link format:

  • Ad Headline = 25 characters

  • Text =125 characters

  • Image size (including CTA) =1080 x 1080 pixels

  • Image ratio =1.91:1

Here's for carousel format:

  • Headline = 40 characters

  • Image size =1080 x 1080 pixels

  • Image ratio = 1:1

  • Text =125 characters

  • Link description: 20 characters

Track Your Metrics

You can track your ad performance metrics on your Facebook Ad manager dashboard. Some of the key metrics to look out for include engagement, performance, website, clicks, apps, and events.

How to Post Ads on Google

Google ads, previously known as Google Adwords, involve using a pay-per-click advertising platform to make your business appear in search results. Use the following steps to create your Google ad:

Create Google Ads Manager Account and create a new campaign

  • After creating your Google ads manager accounts, log in and head to the "campaigns" tab. 

  • Click "Create" to create a new google ads campaign.

Choose Your Marketing Goal and Campaign Type

The marketing goals are usually six in number, and they include website traffic, sales, app promotion, product and brand consideration, reach, Leads, and brand awareness. After choosing a marketing goal, you'll need to select a campaign type and conversion point. Note that your options may vary depending on the goal you have chosen.

Choose Your Campaign Name And Ad Network

Choose a name that you can identify the different ads with. Then choose your advertising network; it could be a search network or display network. As a beginner, you can start with the search network to get ad control.

Select Your Target Audience

Next, you'll need to choose your target audience by location, interest, demographics, and language.

Set Your Budget and Bids

Allocate the revenue you intend to spend per day and choose your bid strategy by choosing the ad type you want.

Set up Your Ad Extensions

The ad extensions are the additional text lines that are usually displayed below the ad. After creating a relevant extension, click the "save and continue" icon. 

Create the Ad Group and Keywords

Your products or services are usually grouped with a set of keywords. You can choose the keywords that you want the products to appear with. The keyword match types may be in the form of broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and exact match.

Write Your Google Ads

What you write is what will appear on the Google search results. The ads include a headline, a subheadline, and a description. Ensure the ad is concise and brief, as there are limited characters for each headline.

Review and Launch the Campaign

Google usually reviews the ad within 24 hours; here, you can make corrections or changes and add your payment information. After that, you can launch your campaign to go live.

Track Your Ads

Once your campaign is live, you can track its progress on the analytics section of your Google Ads Manager. Key metrics to look out for are impressions, conversion rate, click-through rate, and the average cost per click. 

How to Post Ads on Instagram

Instagram post Ads are typically displayed in the form of a carousel with the "sponsored" label. Some include a CTA icon in the form of "Learn more" or "shop now." The types of Instagram ads include Stories Ads, carousel ads, IGTV ads, Video ads, Image Ads, reels ads, shopping Ads, collection Ads, and Explore Ads. Note that Instagram has no tool for creating ads; hence you can post ads in two different ways: run an existing post within the app and create ads through Facebook Manager.

How to Promote an Existing Post within the App

You can choose the post with the highest engagement and promote it as an ad. You must have an Instagram business profile to be able to promote your existing post. In previous years, you'd need to connect to a Facebook business page to do this; however, you can now post ads without connecting to a Facebook page.

How to create Instagram ads through Facebook Ads Manager

With Facebook Ads Manager, you can create ads for your target audience on Instagram and track your ad performance metrics. To get started, you'll need to 

Create a Facebook business page and link it to your Instagram. Here is how to link them:

  • Go to the Facebook Business Page.

  • Head to Page Settings, select Instagram.

  • Choose the "Connect Account" button.

  • Add your Instagram info and save.

After you've linked your account, you can now create Instagram ads through the Facebook Manager. The next step would be to:

Choose an Objective 

Just like in Facebook, you'll determine what you intend to achieve with Instagram ads and select the objective that suits you the most. If you have an online store," conversions" might be your best objective if you're looking to increase sales. However, you'll need to take the extra step to set up a Facebook pixel to help you track sales and conversions.

Set up Your Campaign

Create and name your campaign with names you can use to easily identify the different Campaigns. If you're a beginner, you can choose to create and test the various campaigns to see which one works best.

Create Your Budget

Determine the amount of money you intend to spend using the manual setup or the campaign budget optimization. The Campaign Budget Optimization allows you to allocate your budget appropriately to the ads with better performance metrics. You can also choose the daily budget or the lifetime budget option.

Choose Your Audience

You can create your ads to target a certain audience based on interests, demographics, or behaviors. There's also the custom audience option where you target people who have previously visited your website.

Choose Your Ad Placements

Ad placement can be automatic where the ads would be automatically displayed in the appropriate places or manual - where you handpick the areas where you want them to appear. For Instagram, you check the "Instagram only" properties.

Create the Instagram Ad

Here you'll choose your ad format, upload a creative and write a relevant ad copy to go with it. After that, you can click the "publish" icon to start running the Instagram ads. Ensure to track your ad performance through Facebook as built-in manager analytics.

Bottom Line: 

Advertising businesses on these online platforms can help increase sales by placing your ads before people who find your product or service valuable. Even with the benefits, creating ads can be tedious, time and resource-consuming. If you don't have the time to handle your ad campaigns, it's best to leave it to professionals. Call us today at to know more about our marketing solutions. We can help automate all your online campaigns, create a video for ads on Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous marketing experience?
Not at all! Working directly with Google, Facebook & Instagram Ads can be intimidating and difficult, especially for new users. We built Marketing Tech with small businesses in mind. No matter how much time or experience you have with online marketing, we’re here to make it easier. This way you can focus on what matters most and we do the heavy lifting.
How fast will I see results?
While results do vary based on different factors & geographic locations, you will usually notice a clear increase in business / calls / store traffic within the very first few weeks of advertising with us & you can follow your campaign performance on your report section.
Can I track / view my advertising performance?
Of course! Upon signing up you will get a personal link to a report, through which you can see your ads and view the amount of exposure, ad clicks and website visit that you are getting. The report is accessible on mobile (smartphone) as well.
Do I need a Google Ads / Merchant account?
Nope! Your ad campaigns will run on our own company accounts to make sure your campaigns can run seamlessly.
Will I have direct contact with Marketing Tech?
Yes, you will have a dedicated MT agent that you can contact at any time by phone or email.
So you take care of everything? What do I need to do?
Yes, we do take care of it all. You’d need to slightly adjust your ad campaigns upon creation by helping us choose some important keywords for your business & choose one or some of our pre-generated video templates to use in your campaigns.
How do I know this is working for me?
Immediately upon signing up, your ads will start being delivered across your chosen geographic locations. You will know this is working when you'll see a clear increase of business/traffic. We also generate a beautiful report for you that is being updated live and is accessible on mobile (smartphone) as well, with the amount of exposure, ad clicks and website visit that you are getting.
Where do my ads show?
Your ads show on all major advertising platforms, geo-targeted specifically to your desired location & target audience. You will be on Google, Facebook & Instagram
What if I want to make changes to my ads?
You can contact your personal marketing consultant (contact of which you receive upon joining) or our stellar support team if you’d like to make changes to your ads and we’ll be happy to accommodate most requests.
How are my ads targeted?
We use smart algorithms to target people in your chosen location, utilizing your business category to show your ads only to the most relevant audience.
Can I cancel my monthly advertising?
Well, with the amount of business we can get you, we think you won't want to! But rest assured, you can cancel your subscription at any time through your personal dashboard.
Do I need to pay extra for the ads budget itself?
No! Part of what makes us unique, affordable and efficient is the fact we have no hidden fees whatsoever. Your ad budget is included with your monthly fee and goes directly towards getting your business & service in front of as many people as possible.