10 Free Tools to Promote Your Business Online (2022)

Every business aims to survive and expand. However, sustaining a business involves getting more sales. You'll need to promote the business to get it in front of potential customers. Thanks to the internet, things have incredibly become easier for business owners to promote their brands. With the numerous online digital marketing tools, there's a wider opportunity to make the business successful. 

What’s more, the world is advancing fast, and digital marketing has become one of the vital aspects of business processes. Most potential customers use the internet more often than before; hence many businesses are using a solid marketing strategy with various marketing tools to enhance their businesses.

At MarketingTech.io, we can offer you a powerful and exceptional marketing solution to automate all your online campaigns. Also, we offer a free video that can be used for Facebook ads, Instagram ads and YouTube ads. Our experienced team will use our effective marketing solutions and social media accounts to help post your ads and promote your business on your social media platforms of choice. We will monitor your marketing campaigns and report the results to you accordingly.

If you're a beginner or you're not ready to invest money towards promoting your brand, there are many fantastic yet free online marketing tools to promote your business. Let's get to them: 


The ability of a marketing team to organize duties can significantly determine how effective the marketing strategy would be.  Every team member should understand the nature of the project, goals, and prospects of the project; that's one of the features of Trello. 

Trello is free digital marketing that helps manage your projects effectively. With Trello, you can save yourself time and energy as it enables you to prioritize and facilitate your marketing initiatives. It allows your team members to review a project and make necessary changes before the project goes live. Setting a board takes only a few minutes, and your staff can easily join the board without delay.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is one of the top-rated marketing tools, especially when sales, marketing, and CRM software are involved. Focusing on the marketing aspect, HubSpot has everything required for marketing a business. It offers a variety of benefits from attracting customers to closing customers; the marketing tool has stepped up the marketing game plan. 

You'd probably understand the importance of a working marketing funnel; hence HubSpot gives you access to features like analytics, blogging, marketing automation, landing pages, blogging, emails, CTAs, social media, lead management, and website. It helps you streamline your business process by driving traffic to your website, generating leads, and increasing conversion rates. Many business owners, especially beginners, use the tool because it brings all the marketing plans together rather than having a diverse focus.


Undoubtedly, eight out of ten marketers use the email marketing strategy. Email Marketing isn't something any business would ignore. MailChimp has gained a reputation as one of the leading email providers and digital marketing tools. 

The platform has over 12 million subscribers worldwide and has maintained its services as one of the best among competitions. More than 70% 0f B2B and B2C companies use MailChimp to promote their businesses. The platform allows you to send up to 12,000 emails monthly to up to 2000 customers. You can also upgrade to a higher package as your customer base expands.


Social Media is one of the popular strategies used by marketers to promote their brand. Almost every business now has a social media page due to the high engagement on the platforms. Hootsuite is a free online marketing tool that helps streamline your social media strategy processes by integrating the various social media platforms. With Hootsuite, you can schedule when to post content, analyze engagements, and monitor page feeds for free. It offers advanced features which you can access when you upgrade to a paid plan.

Google Analytics

Google analytics should be part of your online marketing strategy as it's one of the best free online marketing tools you can get online. Analytics is a powerful digital tool that allows you to track visitors' activities on your website once you add the analytics code. Some people consider it an exclusive traffic tool, but you can use the tool for more than traffic purposes. The data you get from the analytics can help you adjust your strategies to get better results. For instance, you can discover the keywords that drive traffic the most to your site and utilize it effectively to promote your business.


WordPress is your best bet, especially if you're running a website or blog. Many people perceive the platform as the best choice when it comes to content marketing. Generally, WordPress closely intertwines with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. So while creating quality content, you also ensure the content is SEO optimized. 

Using WordPress gives you access to the best Content Management System where you manage your marketing strategy for free; you only pay for the host. Once you've installed the all-in-one SEO Pack plugin, WordPress allows you access functionalities like Auto-generation of META tags, XML Sitemap Support, and Canonical URLs.


People are attracted by what they see, and that's why the content format with the highest engagement in content marketing is visual content. Infographics, pictures, and videos are some of the easiest ways to promote your business. You can aim to get more engagements by designing custom visual content for your target audience. 

A digital marketing tool like Canva can help you design visual content relevant to your business. Canva is an online marketing tool that allows you to create free custom infographics, logos, and sales proposals. It also offers templates and inbuilt themes to make things easier for you.


Keyword research can be challenging and expensive to do. Generally, free software may not offer many features, but Ubersuggest isn't just like the conventional free software out there. UberSuggest allows you to search for keywords and perform up to three keyword searches for free; it provides relevant ideas and suggestions for you. It's also ideal for beginners as the platform is easy to navigate.

Moz Local

Moz Local is a powerful digital tool that helps businesses amplify their digital presence. It allows you to list your site in places like Google and Yelp. It gives you an edge in the competition and provides relevant information that helps you make better business decisions such as keyword competitiveness, organic ranking, and virtual appearance.


BuzzSumo is generally ideal for people who are just starting out on their businesses. The digital tool provides information that helps you understand your competition better and the kind of content that performs best on search engines.  The information you get enables you to make relevant decisions that achieve better results when creating content subsequently.


It's not unusual that most beginners get confused when it comes to using digital marketing. However, with time, things become easier. Most businesses are now relying on digital marketing to promote their businesses as it has produced more results than offline marketing. If you're keen on promoting your business, we recommend that you try out these free online tools we've listed above and see how well you'll stand among competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous marketing experience?
Not at all! Working directly with Google, Facebook & Instagram Ads can be intimidating and difficult, especially for new users. We built Marketing Tech with small businesses in mind. No matter how much time or experience you have with online marketing, we’re here to make it easier. This way you can focus on what matters most and we do the heavy lifting.
How fast will I see results?
While results do vary based on different factors & geographic locations, you will usually notice a clear increase in business / calls / store traffic within the very first few weeks of advertising with us & you can follow your campaign performance on your report section.
Can I track / view my advertising performance?
Of course! Upon signing up you will get a personal link to a report, through which you can see your ads and view the amount of exposure, ad clicks and website visit that you are getting. The report is accessible on mobile (smartphone) as well.
Do I need a Google Ads / Merchant account?
Nope! Your ad campaigns will run on our own company accounts to make sure your campaigns can run seamlessly.
Will I have direct contact with Marketing Tech?
Yes, you will have a dedicated MT agent that you can contact at any time by phone or email.
So you take care of everything? What do I need to do?
Yes, we do take care of it all. You’d need to slightly adjust your ad campaigns upon creation by helping us choose some important keywords for your business & choose one or some of our pre-generated video templates to use in your campaigns.
How do I know this is working for me?
Immediately upon signing up, your ads will start being delivered across your chosen geographic locations. You will know this is working when you'll see a clear increase of business/traffic. We also generate a beautiful report for you that is being updated live and is accessible on mobile (smartphone) as well, with the amount of exposure, ad clicks and website visit that you are getting.
Where do my ads show?
Your ads show on all major advertising platforms, geo-targeted specifically to your desired location & target audience. You will be on Google, Facebook & Instagram
What if I want to make changes to my ads?
You can contact your personal marketing consultant (contact of which you receive upon joining) or our stellar support team if you’d like to make changes to your ads and we’ll be happy to accommodate most requests.
How are my ads targeted?
We use smart algorithms to target people in your chosen location, utilizing your business category to show your ads only to the most relevant audience.
Can I cancel my monthly advertising?
Well, with the amount of business we can get you, we think you won't want to! But rest assured, you can cancel your subscription at any time through your personal dashboard.
Do I need to pay extra for the ads budget itself?
No! Part of what makes us unique, affordable and efficient is the fact we have no hidden fees whatsoever. Your ad budget is included with your monthly fee and goes directly towards getting your business & service in front of as many people as possible.