Step-By-Step Start A Local Marketing Agency No Skills No Experience

Hey, John Crestani here, and I’m going to be showing you step by step how to be a local marketing agent. 

You're going to learn how you can earn a hundred thousand dollars or more per year in this business model. Some people are even earning close to half a million dollars a year as local marketing agents. 

Help build your community and involve yourself in your community, and also advertise on social media and create social media ads. Let's go into it. 

I'm gonna go step by step all of the requirements, who can do this, and how you get started step by step. 

So let's go through the requirements of what it takes to become a local marketing agent and how you get started.  You need to be located in one of these five countries: 

  • USA 

  • Canada 

  • UK 

  • Australia

  • New Zealand 

That's because we work with stripe and stripe only pays out to these countries, and we only work with English-speaking uh countries right now and local businesses right now so you need to be in these countries. Sorry  Nigerians and Bangladeshis I know you guys are big fans of mine. 

Also, you need a bank account because that's how you're going to get paid. We do direct deposit every month to your bank account that you earn commissions as a local marketing agent.  

Now, how much you'll make per client: you will be making $75  to $300  a month per client. So that's how much is paid out and you're going to need to talk to people. So if you're afraid of talking to people if you're afraid of dealing with your local community on the phone or in person then I don't know who you are because everybody I know opens their mouth and talks to people. But this is a part of working with local businesses local business owners want some sort of personal connection whether that's over the phone or in-person preferably. 

Now the opportunity here is huge because we've paid out over 4.5  million dollars so far in my affiliate programs again 4.5 million dollars is the amount of commissions that I have paid out to affiliates through the companies that I run. So we build incredible marketing funnels we build high converting products and services that you can market yourself and earn a  lot of money from and we have a great track record of doing so. 

The first thing is when you're dealing with local businesses when you're selling business services you need to come off more professional in order to sell to businesses. Again, you can't be wearing an old beat-up lincoln park t-shirt and sweats and look like you just rolled out of bed in the morning and have a business owner take you seriously. 

I also recommend you get our business cards printed out there's a link in the description this is an example of my business card that I printed out and I have another video which I’m going to link to in the cards above that will show you step by step how to get your own business cards for free if you have a printer. 

In the accompanying video which I’ll also put a link to in the description, I show you how you can order a box of business cards for $9 and this will get people to take you much more seriously when you're selling business services to them. You see here I got a whole bunch of these for only nine dollars it's very cheap to order business cards and it makes you come across much more professionally and it'll be a great way you put your affiliate link on there too you get people calling you and you just can sell these business services and get your monthly recurring revenue going up.  

so you got your business cards out of the way, the next thing you need to do to be taken more seriously as a  person that's offering business services which is advertising to local businesses is get the MT polo okay that's MarketingTech that's the software you'll be working with that's my company get the polo uh it just makes you come across more professionally. 

Going into a  business and expecting them to take you seriously with a t-shirt on with representing nobody but yourself doesn't seem very professional and frankly, it seems sort of shady, and I might be worried that you're trying to pull some sort of scam on me. Get the t-shirt I’ll have a link somewhere down in the description or in the comments so that you can order the t-shirt so when you go around your local community you can come across as a professional or when you're meeting with these businesses. 

The most important step is to sign up for our software. The software is free to sign up for, and get started with, and earn money from. We don't require any payment for us, to pay you money and the software will do all of the work for you.  The software markets the local businesses and it creates a landing page for you to send to the local business owners, so they can sign themselves up for online advertising on Facebook  Instagram, and Google.

We do advertising for local businesses on all of these platforms and our software handles everything and pays you your 30% commissions. 

John,  I have a question: “where can I get your hat?” Sorry we aren't selling that online yet, but we will soon; and if there's anything else you want let me know in the comments below pens, notepads, whatever and we'll try to create some materials around that. 

John, I have another question: “how do I get started and how do I get in front of local business owners so that I can sign them up and send them links?”. The first way you get started is by business owners you interact with every single week or month on or on a regular basis. Let people know.  You never know who might be interested: your dentist might be interested in online advertising, your local restaurant manager might be interested in online advertising, the person you go to to get massages or acupuncture, or where you have fixed your computer might be interested in online advertising for their business.  

Just let people know that you started a  new position, and you are selling online advertising, and you're looking for local business owners to work with that are interested in online advertising. again,  you don't need to hard-sell anybody because this is a product that folks already want. local business owners are dying to get online and get their business advertised on social media.  everybody's on their phones these days and we make it incredibly simple and have no fees no retainers. the business owners just pay for the costs of advertising our product. 

so you just asked the business owner he also just wanted to let you know I just took on a  new position a marketing agent for a  software company, we sell online advertising to local business owners, and we set it all up and no retainer fees you know there are no fixed costs you know no commitments so I was wondering if you knew any business owners that might be interested in getting some online ad set up for them. 

the second way you get started and get in front of local business owners is by email. Introduce yourself via email let people know let local business owners know that you have online ads and you can set them all up for them for a very cheap cost.  and once you go through the software you'll see we have a whole section that allows you to find the contact information of local business owners in your area. now a few segments I suggest you start out with are plastic surgeons,  dentists,  lawyers, roofers, and HVAC repair that's heating ventilation and air conditioning repair.  these five niches are really great because the business owners work in a competitive market they have high each customer is extremely valuable to them, worth thousands of dollars to the business owner so they're willing to spend $250 to $1,000 a month on social media advertising very fast in order to get in front of people because a bus one deal might be worth ten thousand dollars or more to these businesses. 

The third method that you can do use to market your new business is you can actually buy advertising for your own business, and our software makes it easy to advertise your own consulting services in your local area. very Once you sign up for our software, which is,  the signup process again is free, and it goes through all of the training that you need to understand how to use  MarketingTech how you get paid commissions when you get paid commissions and setting up your banking information, so we can send you commissions, and shows you how to sign up businesses and promote your own business your new local marketing agency.

 if you enjoyed this video give me a big hurrah in the comments below hit the like button and make sure you subscribe. I'm coming out with regular content here on how you can make money working from home working in your local community and just generally being a successful human being on your own terms let's get it.

Step-By-Step Start A Local Marketing Agency No Skills No Experience

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👉 Starting your own local marketing agency has so many benefits. You can earn $100,000 or more (some people are earning up to $500,000,000) while helping local businesses. So if that business model catches your attention, this video is just for you! Here I share everything you need to know to start your own local marketing agency today - no skills and no experience needed!


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I must say that I’m truly surprised how well this is working for us. We’re getting a lot more phone calls & inquiries, I’m in direct contact with my personal consultant on Marketing Tech and the ads these guys created for me are absolutely great. The experience was smooth & the pricing very affordable, so I honestly can’t think of a reason for anyone out there to not use MarketingTech for their business’ local promotion, well done guys!
Jason D.
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I was hesitant since I tried different marketing agencies, advertising and social media services which were very expensive and not very helpful, but Marketing Tech blew me away. They generated an absolutely stunning video for my salon, and posted ads for my business on Facebook, Instagram, Google and so on, I got a report that was getting updated daily about the performance of my advertisement and a phone call from a dedicated marketing agent to explain how things work. I literally didn’t have to do ANYTHING, they did all the advertising for me & I noticed and increase in business during the first week already. I’m running my local business ads with Marketing Tech for 4 months now and it’s just getting better, I couldn’t recommend this enough and I am extremely thankful to Josh my personal consultant and the Marketing Tech team!
Diana. R
Beauty Salon Owner, Los Angeles
Marketing Tech has been great to my business, since I signed up we are seeing at least twice as many visitors and are getting numerous phone calls and reservations. People from our local area are literarily asking me how I managed to run such a great video ad on Facebook, they say that they’ve seen my ads and videos online and are amazed to hear that I’m only paying a couple hundred dollars a month for everything. Marketing Tech is definitely the real deal and the best local advertising solution I could ever hope for.
Jenny S.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous marketing experience?
Not at all! Working directly with Google, Facebook & Instagram Ads can be intimidating and difficult, especially for new users. We built Marketing Tech with small businesses in mind. No matter how much time or experience you have with online marketing, we’re here to make it easier. This way you can focus on what matters most and we do the heavy lifting.
How fast will I see results?
While results do vary based on different factors & geographic locations, you will usually notice a clear increase in business / calls / store traffic within the very first few weeks of advertising with us & you can follow your campaign performance on your report section.
Can I track / view my advertising performance?
Of course! Upon signing up you will get a personal link to a report, through which you can see your ads and view the amount of exposure, ad clicks and website visit that you are getting. The report is accessible on mobile (smartphone) as well.
Do I need a Google Ads / Merchant account?
Nope! Your ad campaigns will run on our own company accounts to make sure your campaigns can run seamlessly.
Will I have direct contact with Marketing Tech?
Yes, you will have a dedicated MT agent that you can contact at any time by phone or email.
So you take care of everything? What do I need to do?
Yes, we do take care of it all. You’d need to slightly adjust your ad campaigns upon creation by helping us choose some important keywords for your business & choose one or some of our pre-generated video templates to use in your campaigns.
How do I know this is working for me?
Immediately upon signing up, your ads will start being delivered across your chosen geographic locations. You will know this is working when you'll see a clear increase of business/traffic. We also generate a beautiful report for you that is being updated live and is accessible on mobile (smartphone) as well, with the amount of exposure, ad clicks and website visit that you are getting.
Where do my ads show?
Your ads show on all major advertising platforms, geo-targeted specifically to your desired location & target audience. You will be on Google, Facebook & Instagram
What if I want to make changes to my ads?
You can contact your personal marketing consultant (contact of which you receive upon joining) or our stellar support team if you’d like to make changes to your ads and we’ll be happy to accommodate most requests.
How are my ads targeted?
We use smart algorithms to target people in your chosen location, utilizing your business category to show your ads only to the most relevant audience.
Can I cancel my monthly advertising?
Well, with the amount of business we can get you, we think you won't want to! But rest assured, you can cancel your subscription at any time through your personal dashboard.
Do I need to pay extra for the ads budget itself?
No! Part of what makes us unique, affordable and efficient is the fact we have no hidden fees whatsoever. Your ad budget is included with your monthly fee and goes directly towards getting your business & service in front of as many people as possible.